Sunday, 9 March 2014

A runless weekend

Disappointingly no running this weekend as I am struggling with a groin strain.

I was due to be partaking in my first away day park run over the weekend in Sheffield so am I annoyed I wasn't able  to do that but there will be other times.

Who finds that when they are injured and unable to train you lose all motivation to eat well? I have definitely found that this weekend and have rather indulged the highlight being a gorgeous pork belly with mash and beans.

Although I didn't manage a run I did get some exercise under my belt in the form of a very enjoyable 3 hour walk in the peak district. A really nice walk along the monsal trail with some interesting history and great scenery. 

While out on the walk we came across the grindleford gallop that was underway along the same route.

Its a 21mile route with around 3000 feet in elevation so if you are looking for a a challenge next spring perhaps as a marathon warm up this would tick all the boxes of being a massive challenge and a really enjoyable route as well, check it out on the link below:

I have already set a reminder on my phone to enter in November when entries open, looking forward to it already! 


All geared up ready to watch the rugby this afternoon Wales v England. Should be an awesome game and its setup to be a massively intense and physical battle.

The fitness levels, strength and stamina of international rugby players is something I struggle to comprehend in comparison to my own fitness. As an idea of a rugby players fitness have a look at this clip of England's Ben Foden which is so impressive, hes on the comeback from injury at the moment so not currently playing for England but the clip gives you an indication of what the players put themselves through to get match fit.