Sunday, 16 March 2014

A second runless weekend

A second consecutive runless weekend, feels so odd not doing something that is usually the main focus of my weekend.

As is so often the case when I am not training so much my motivation for eating well falls away. This week has also coincided with a few drink fuelled nights out so that combined with subsequent hangovers has further limited my training abilities.

I decided to cook up a tasty and healthy meal yesterday though and managed to knock up a really nice fish and veg bake.

Which went done really well, nice and light with plenty of good stuff in it. 

However saturday night was a different story as opted for some indulgent comfort eating.

Nachos with tex mex dips and mounds of melted cheese. Ultimate comfort eating! Was so good as a blowout snack.

I did get out this morning for some circuit training in the park. I have been really enjoying working on circuits comprising of the usual body weight type exercise such as press ups, squats and star jumps and some skipping thrown in for some cardio as well.

Had a nice post workout breakfast to set me up for the day.

The great thing is tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new week, so a fresh slate to start again. My aims for the week are to get back eating healthier, to get a gym session or circuit session in every day and to continue working on my strength and conditioning work. I am hopeful of having a bit of a run towards the end of the week or maybe at the weekend as my groin is healing up and starting to feel better.