Sunday, 23 March 2014

Back up and running

After 20 days without being able to run I managed to get out for a 5K yesterday.

I was starting to get worried about writing a blog about a third runless weekend and was concerned that despite my best intentions to write a running blog that covered some food pictures the blog was turning into a complete foodporn website due to my inability to be able to run. 

So back to running, on Friday I felt that my groin was feeling strong enough to try out a bit of running so I incorporated a run of a couple of hundred metres into my circuit training over the park. 

In all I completed 3 circuits of 1 minute sets of star jumps, squats, knee highs, calf raises & rocket jumps followed by a little run. I then rounded this off with 3 circuits of press ups, dips and some sets on the upper body gym equipment in the park. 

Having no problem with this run I ventured out for a 5K on Saturday morning and managed it fairly easy at 5minute/km pace. I was just so happy to be able to get out and run again and relieved to be able to write about some running on the blog at last, so hears to more running and running related blogging!