Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trying to enforce some rest

I told myself that I needed some time off running after the half marathon. I was struggling after a few weeks intensive training and had a few too many niggles to be described as fully fit. 

I had a bit of an ankle sprain the week before the half marathon which I thought might hamper the race but luckily turned out to heal up in time.

But could I get through one week of rest from running? Of course not!
Most runners would agree its harder than actually putting in the hard yards especially just after an event when your feeling at the peak of your fitness. 

I managed to have to have 2 clear days off from all training but couldn't resist going for a little run tonight despite having a few niggles by tricking myself into thinking it was a recovery run. 

What was making me especially eager to keep up running was my opportunity at the coming weekend to take part in my first 'away day' parkrun in Sheffield.

Needless to say you knew what was coming I tried to go out tonight but only managed to drag myself through 0.87km as my left groin felt so tight. 

So my creaking body now has a left groin to add to a sore right ankle, a troublesome left hip, tight calves and painful shins to add to its list of ailments. 

I am thankful they are all niggles  rather than proper injuries but that makes things harder as its not a case of I can't run rather a case of I shouldn't run.  

So heres to a few days of enforced rest, good luck to everyone trying to rest themselves at the moment.