Thursday, 10 April 2014

A running commute

Ever combined your commute home with your evening run?

Working in central London and living miles away presents quite a formidable running challenge but I have done it quite a few times over the last few summers and since the clocks went back a few weeks ago I have been dying to do it again.

Tonight I ran straight from work to West Ham train station, I would like to run all the way home again but as its 15miles+ it takes a bit of training for!

Starting off

So as I said I finished work, got changed and headed off with a minimal warm up.

My route takes me over Fleet Street, out of the city and on to the river.

Along the river down to the Tower of London.

Out through the old East End along Commercial Road and through Tower Hamlets.

Then through Polar and Bow and to my destination of West Ham station.

Its an interesting route as you start off in the city full of its hustle and bustle and end up running through residential areas full of houses and shops. 

One of my favourite parts is coming through Tower Hamlets where the Canary Wharf towers loom magically over the run down buildings of one of London's most deprived boroughs.

I find the whole run a massive thrill just the fact I am completing part of my journey under my own steam and not relying on the buses, trains, tubes and taxis like millions of other commuters.

Its such a fun experience and such a change from a normal run. I kind of think of it a bit like an extreme trail run or even free running as the terrain isn't meant for running and you have to be hyper aware of things around you in the built up areas. It really keeps you on your toes as there are so many dodgy paving stones, cars shooting out of turns not to mention pedestrians weaving all around the place with no spacial awareness!

After West Ham station I still have a 30minute tube journey which is enough time for a cool down. The post workout stretch on a packed commuter tube is quite amusing!