Thursday, 10 April 2014

Chilango Burrito review

So moving away from running and on to my love of food and a bit of foodporn to freshen things up.

I love burritos and have been wanting to do some kind of review/rating system of the various different chains. By the way I am more of a 'man v food' type of guy rather than getting all fancy and gourmet.

So Chilango's, I have been a few times and really enjoyed their burritos and as there are a few near work hard not to pop in. 

My burrito ingredients today were:

Plain rice
Black beans
Grilled marinated chicken
Medium salsa

I know, I know no guacamole! Well I wanted to give the flavours of the chicken and salsa a chance without being covered in green gu! Don't get me wrong I love guacamole but just fancied a change.

So to review the burrito; 
Tortilla wrap: plain and artificial in texture and taste.
Rice: plain and dull (no options provided), but the plus point being it wasn't overly packed up with rice which is always a way to ruin a burrito.
Chicken: tasty and nicely grilled
Salsa: dark and tasted burnt and not a nice flavour to it.
Peppers: nice, just right amount of crispness.
Black beans: really good black beans, but no option of refried beans! Very disappointing! 

Overall: not great but OK, not a lot of flavour and didn't fall in to either the authentic flavourless camp or the artificial and sickly but still really enjoyable camp that burritos tend to divide themselves between.

Chilango experience: not good, staff were friendly and efficient but major points lost for no rice options, a pretty awful tortilla and a disappointing salsa. Also the little things got to me like no water available, no napkin put in your take away bag (I realised this half way through my burrito sat in the park with mucky hands!), the burrito was reasonably priced and also reasonably filling although time will tell on that front!

My overall experience would have to be a 5/10 as it was disappointing but edible at the same time. It would have got a much lower score but the redeeming features were good quality black beans and chicken and the fact the burrito wasn't overly packed out with rice.

Hopefully I will have some more burrito reviews to follow soon....