Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Early morning London run

First day of spring and some lovely weather I couldn't resist going for an early morning run around London. Over the winter I had stopped going out early in the morning as it was too cold and dark and I have been wanting to go out again for a few weeks but hadn't quite got round to it but this morning I did and I was rewarded with London at its finest.
I hope my pictures do justice to the bright, hazy and surprisingly warm early morning spring sunshine?
The plan had been to do a route I had done before of around 10K, starting off from my gym in Aldwych heading along the north bank to Westminster, over the bridge, down the south bank to Tower Bridge and back to the gym.

However TFL had other plans as despite leaving extra early and giving myself loads of time I was delayed by around half an hour due to signal problems on the district line. 

So my 10K plan turned into a more 7K run by taking a detour over the Millennium bridge to shorten the route. 
London is a magical city and no more so than early on a sunny morning. I am always slightly surprised and impressed by the high volume of runners out on the streets but then what was I expecting less than 2 weeks before the London Marathon?! 

Speaking of the London Marathon I was passed by half a dozen or so tracksuited athletes on Westminster bridge who I am pretty sure were some of the elite Kenyan and Ethiopian runners acclimatising to the London streets ahead of the marathon.

After my run I returned to the gym fora quick stretch and cool down before showering and heading off for work. I felt so sorry for the poor souls sweating and panting away on the treadmills when a more joyful running experience laid in wait just outside the door.
If you live, work or train in London I would highly recommend going for a run around, its a great way to see the city. I would love to hear your stories of running in London and maybe any route recommendations or favourite areas to run in? 

Happy running and good luck to anyone preparing for the London Marathon.