Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I am a running junkie!

Today I wasn't able to go for a run.

Today I was very disappointed realizing I wouldn't be able to go for a run realistically until Saturday as I have a busy work schedule and a few appointments and commitments over the next few days. 

I will still be going to my boot camp training tomorrow but I wont be running until Saturday.

Then I got a text to say my appointment this evening had been cancelled. 

First thought in my mind = I can go running tonight!

My afternoon flew by from then as I was so excited at the prospect of getting an unexpected hit of my running drug. 

Spurred on by the enjoyment of running in the evening spring sunshine and the motivation gained from watching the thousands of runners elite and amateur alike take part in the London marathon over the weekend I was buzzing at the prospect of getting out running.

I can only imagine the buzz an addict gets at the thought of getting a hit of their drug of choice but I was completed thrilled at the prospect of getting my hit.

As soon as I got in I started getting changed and warming up and before I knew it I was out for my run. 

Its weird as it wasn't the run, the route or how good I felt while running that was so enjoyable it was the joy of it being such an unexpected opportunity and it was one I was going to make the most of.

I opted for a route I have started doing in the last few weeks and my aim was to run comfortably under 5min/km pace as I continue to work on my fitness after injury.

I managed 4.47min/km which was my objective of coming nicely under 5min/km but it was nowhere near comfortable in terms of how I felt as it was a real struggle!

I realy enjoyed my running hit as I knew I would, the sun was bright but the weather cool and I found it very enjoyable being out on a pleasant early evening.

After my run I did some running drills and 5 50m sprints, the background to my workout looked something like this:

Better than being in the gym any day!

I hope everyone is managing to get their required hit of the awesome drug we all enjoy called running.