Thursday, 17 April 2014

Poncho8 Burrito review

I love burritos and have been wanting to do some kind of review/rating system of the various different chains and  By the way I am more of a 'man v food' type of guy rather than getting all fancy and gourmet.

So Poncho8, this is the second time I have been and the last time was only because I had some sort of voucher. Again there is one near where I work and there seems to be a couple dotted around mainly the city.

Poncho8 have big shoes to fill as they were previously voted best burrito in London by the Evening Standard so expectations are higher than average.

Today I was in the mood for steak, not usually my meat of choice as I normally go for chicken or pulled pork. Today was a good day to go for it though as Poncho8 offered British steak, chilli beef as well as Barbocoa as well as chicken, pulled pork and tofu options so top marks for variety!

My burrito ingredients today were:

Tomato rice
Pinto beans
British steak
Mild salsa
Sour cream

I know, I know again no guacamole! Again same as last week I wanted to give the steak a chance to fill my meaty desires without being overpowered by the awesome green stuff.

So to review the burrito; 

Tortilla wrap: quite plain but quite meaty.
Rice: pleasantly tomatoey which added to the burrito experience.
Steak: a little pink, not too chewy or tough which is the way I like my steak but not overly flavorsome.
Salsa: I went mild but it still contributed a nice gentle kick of flavor to the burrito.
Peppers: seemed really fresh and were very crunchy.
Pinto beans: excellent, they weren't re fried but almost were like that as they were starting to break up and go mushy, some of the best beans I have ever had!
Sour cream: not quite a big enough portion but still brought the desired cooling effect.
Cheese: again not quite enough but still brought a good bit of flavor, over the steak/beans/sour cream/cheese combination worked really well when they all congealed towards the bottom of the burrito, an inspired selection!

Overall: pretty good going! Really enjoyed the steak although could have been tastier, the rice was good, loved the crunchiness of the peppers as that brought a nice texture to the party. The big plus point for me though was the beans, loved them! Beans are a key player in burritos for me so if they are great the burrito is on to a winner as it was here. As I have already said the steak/beans/sour cream/cheese combo worked really well and combined as beautifully as I had imagined when selecting them as options.

Poncho8 experience: good, very quick service by what seemed a helpful and genuinely enthusiastic team. As I have said great options and variety of meat and good options available as well with the rice. I love the little poncho8 bag (pictured above) as well really colorful and has that Mexican flavor to it. The simple things were done well as well like having a napkin in the bag and the burrito being firmly and well wrapped.

My overall experience would have to be a 7.5/10 as it was a really good burrito but not enough to blow me away as it didn't have really strong authentic flavors. I wouldn't say it was the best burrito in London but I am happy to rate it up there as one of the best. I am a hard marker and was a really good burrito which filled me up and left a good taste in my mouth and good feeling in my belly.

So that's 2 reviews done with Poncho8 coming out on top, hopefully there will be many more reviews to come and stiffer competition ahead!