Friday, 25 April 2014

Setting the foundations for the challenges ahead

This week I have really started to mentally and physically prepare for my 3 marathon challenge later in the year.

Its interesting how the prospect of running a long distance can quickly become daunting. Despite the face I ran a marathon 6 months ago and a half less than 2 months ago the prospect of running these distances again seem a long way off after a few weeks off training with injuries.

But it so exciting having everything ahead of you; the challenge and the transformation I know I am going to go through over the coming months.

At the moment my fitness isn't up to scratch, I know I am not fit enough or strong enough and I definitely need to sort out my diet and shape up a little bit.

This will all come in time though with the right diet and training. 

I have been starting to eat cleaner this week and know I will need to keep this up consistently in the coming months.

Training wise I covered 12K on monday, did a boot camp on wednesday and then 7K on thursday. 

My hips, thighs and hamstrings have been so stiff and sore it was a struggle to get out yesterday but I managed to.

I hope to do another 12K over the weekend and I think I will be quite happy with the foundations laid in the first week.

In other news, check out if you live and get involved its a great idea.

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