Monday, 14 April 2014

Weekend report 12th&13th April

Long weekend this weekend as I had Friday and Monday off work.

However I had quite a lot of plans so knew I wouldn't get much running in.

With this in mind I decided to make time for a long run by running part of the way home from work on Thursday night.

It was a 12K run which was the longest run I had done in a while so I figured it would work out well that I wouldn't be running at the weekend and could therefore rest and recover from the longer run.

I managed a 30minute circuit session in the park on Friday including a core circuit, an upper body circuit and a circuit using some body weight resistance machines.

I didn't get the chance for any running at the weekend as I thought but did have a bit of a stretch and loosen up.

Then Monday again I made the time for fitting a run in by going out soon after 7am. I was rewarded with a brilliantly sunny early morning with the birds singing which was really enjoyable and has set me up nicely for the week ahead.

I did a shy under 7K and found it challenging as early morning runs first thing in the morning always are. But they are always worth it as it is better to have gone out early in the morning rather than not at all.

My other highlight of the weekend was our first BBQ of the summer as the weather so so nice on sunday, delicious!