Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Weekend report 4th-7th April

A little late in writing a weekend report considering it is now Tuesday but you will realise why shortly.

Unfortunately it was a runless weekend only this time not through injury. 

Without sharing all the details I was on a stag weekend in Bristol so needless to say with the large amounts of cider we consumed I wouldn't describe the weekend in any way as healthy.

Our hotel did have a swimming pool and gym facilities but drinking until 4am on both Friday and Saturday put pay to any chance of making use of those facilities.

The weekend wasn't exercise free though as our activities for Saturday afternoon were abseiling and mountain biking.

As a first time abseiler I must say I really enjoyed it, its a great challenge for pushing your mind and I would be lying if I said I wasn't absolutely bricking it taking those first few steps over the edge. 

I cant tell you how much I enjoy mountain biking it is on a different level to running as it is a different type of fitness and adds that element of danger and risk. 

Needless to say that a drink fuelled night finishing at 4 am followed by over an hours mountain biking was completely tiring! 

So this week I really must get back to running and after such a weekend my desire for clean living is sky high, detox isdefinitely  my buzzword for the week ahead!