Wednesday, 21 May 2014

2 for the price of 1

Yesterday didn't quite go to plan but still worked out really well. 

I got up early at 5.30 so I could head to the gym and head out for an early run around London along the Thames.

However things didn't work out that way, problems with the tube meant I was severely delayed getting into London. So at around 7am I was on a train looking like this:

When I should have been looking more like this:

The frustration at the time was depressing as I was so annoyed at getting up so early and having specific plans and this being ruined by problems outside of my control. 

Delays on public transport are frustrating at the best of times but non more so than when they prevent you from your training plans.

Anyway I managed to turn things to my advantage, I got the train into London and then took a brisk 25 minute walk to the gym.

Heading into the gym at around 8am out of breath and sweaty when I am usually heading out of the gym at this time was quite weird.

I then did a quick workout on the rower before I quickly got changed and headed off to work.


I have been keeping up with good healthy lunches at work as well.

Sticking to my training staple of brown rice with different beans and vegetables, today I had tomatoes and chick peas.

Second training session

Despite the frustration at missing out on my morning run I was pleased I had managed to get in some kind of workout and was excited at the prospect of now being able to train twice instead of the once.

So in the evening I headed out for a run, the aim was for around 10K on a route including a small trail run. I was planning to run a hard pace and to try and knock off 10K in sub 50minute pace.

I ended up covering over 11K in just over 53 minutes and estimated I covered 10K in around 48minutes which I was very pleased with as its the fastest I have ran over this distance in a while.

It was a really good run and I felt so strong, fat and fit. Its great when you have a training run where you really feel the benefits of your training regime and really feel the positives of what you have been doing.

So a great run where I felt I was flying over the ground and its made be feel so enthusiastic to keep training hard and aiming to run well in my up coming marathons.