Monday, 12 May 2014

Do you like mondays?

I generally like Mondays, probably an opinion against the norm but heres why:

Usually I go for a long run on Sunday and I also like to start the week off with a pre work gym session. So this normally leaves me pretty buzzing both mentally and physically.

Today was quite typical, I felt good after a 15K run yesterday and a weights session at the gym this morning. 

The gym was good this morning, really good, it was a really good workout that made me feel good and and kept me alert through the day and helped me
get through a ton of work.

But what makes it feel so much better is all the moaning from my colleagues in the office about how tired they feel and about not getting enough sleep at the weekend. 

I also enjoy Mondays as its the prospect of the challenge of the week ahead. I like to plan out my training for the week ahead and look forward to what I have planned ahead.

Everyone knows its important to have a work/life balance and to not be solely focused on work and for me that means focusing on my training.

I like the idea that when I train in the morning I am getting up to train rather than getting up to work. When I train in the evening I am thinking about training after work while I am at work. And when I train in the morning and the evening I feel like my whole day is about training rather than work. 

I hope your Monday was good and you found the motivation to train today.