Thursday, 8 May 2014

Greek holiday foodporn

First of all I need to apologize for anyone who sees this and then loses their motivation to stick to their diet or clean eating plans.

Greece had some amazing food that I really enjoyed and I just wanted to share some pictures with you:

I didn't gorge myself as much as I could have because the main reason I was in Greece was to go to a friends wedding so I was very conscious I had to fit into my suit at the end of the week so I did hold back a bit.

This photo sums up Greek food, everything seems to be cheesy or fried or both! This is onion rings, fried squid, fried cheese and cheese stuffed peppers, all awesome!


Stuffed tomatoes and peppers, I thought it made a great photo?!


A lovely relaxing Greek beer, nothing beats a beer on holiday especially sat by the beach watching the sun go down.


A typical pre dinner appetiser of fresh bread and dips. 


Haribo in smurf shapes? I was pretty amazed this was actually a thing!?! I managed to resist buying them as amazing as they were.


A traditional Greek dish that's not cheese or not fried which is a slight surprise, Moussaka, very enjoyable.


These are possibly the best crisps I have ever had! I always love finding new flavours and varieties of UK foods when abroad. 


The revelation of the holiday fried Saganaki Cheese, just a joy of melted, fried cheesy goodness.


Unfortunately my four cheese pizza didn't live up to the promise that I thought it would bearing in mind how enjoyable I had found the other cheese dishes.

I hope this hasn't set you tummy rumbling and your taste buds going too much?!

I hate to think of all the calories, but I know I will have burned them all off soon enough.