Saturday, 31 May 2014

Prep diary for HM 31st May

My pre run diary for me to track my progress and how I felt and prepared in the run up. 


Exercise: Boot camp wednesday evening

Food diary: brown rice for lunch, flap jack as afternoon snack, small portion of potato wedges in evening.

Physical: 7/10 feeling strong but tired
Nutrition: 8/10 plenty of carbs
Hydration: 7/10 not enough water post bootcamp.


Exercise: 5K recovery run, stiff and sore but felt good. Not enough time for thorough stretch but did small roller & stretch session before bed.

Food diary: brown rice for lunch, ikea meatballs & mash in evening. Ate late and was stodgy. 

Physical: 8/10 aching and stiff in glutes, hams, hips and lower back but felt good during run and much better after.
Nutrition: 6/10 disappointed with eating stodge other than that good. 
Hydration: 8/10 doing OK but should be drinking more


Exercise: Gym in AM weights and abs/core, stretch. 

Food diary: Burrito for lunch

Physical: 8/10 felt good
Nutrition: 7/10 good other than 3 pints and a chicken burger on an impromptu night out.  
Hydration: 7/10 tried to drink plenty 


Post run I had a banana and a flapjack and had a bottle of iso sports drink

Felt good well fuelled and had plenty of energy.

Did 21K in 1 hour 55