Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Running in Greece

So a holiday in Greece presented me with the question eat, drink and be merry and to hell with my running, or try and maintain some level of fitness during the holiday.

I plumped for the second option and although I managed only 2 4K runs I wad pleased I had done some running and put some effort into maintaining my fitness.

I found the change in climate, scenery, terrain and surroundings really refreshing.
My route took me along tracks on to roads an finished with a few hundred metres down the beach.

The route presented a few decent slopes and a couple of short, steep, sharp inclines.

The runs added to the refreshing and relaxing feel of being on holiday and I guess your only a real runner when you can say that!

I suppose running is for life, day in day out wherever you are and whatever situation you find yourself in.

Today was my first full day back and needless to say I got out for a good run.

And although my belly felt heavy from the pizzas I have eaten on the last two nights I didn't feel any drop in my fitness and felt good to start sweating out all the alcohol and cheese I had consumed.