Saturday, 24 May 2014

Running in the rain

People often ask me 'do you run in the rain?' And I usually say 'if I have to run then I will run whatever the weather' and this morning was one of those times when I had to run.

This morning was the only opportunity I would have this weekend to get a run in so out I went in the rain. I really wanted to get out for a good run to build the momentum my intensive training this week and to make sure I covered a landmark aim of 50K mileage this week. 

My usual barometer of whether it is too wet to run or not is the birds. If there are birds out and about then I usually take that as it not being too wet and OK to go out. 

And today there were a fee birds around the garden so out I went.

It was damp and drizzly to start off with but needless to say the rain intensified soon after I started out!

My paths were flooded in places which resulted in soaked through trainers which is tiring on your legs carrying the extra weight in your trainers.

A wet running selfie!

I think I captured the conditions!

I never know what to wear in the rain and cant say I have any specific wet weather apparel. 

I opted for an under layer long sleeved top but I never know whether to go for more or less layers and material? 

My aim for this morning was to cover around 12K but I readjusted that to just getting out for a run and maybe going for 5K or 30 minutes. 

Once I got out and was throughly soaked  I had to convince myself to keep going and turn out some decent mileage. So I pushed myself towards covering a nice round 10K. The thing I find with running in the rain is once your wet your wet, yes the rain is horrible but when your soaked to the bone you kind of get past it.

My other concern with running in the rain is chaffing. Sorry to lower the tone and if you are of a delicate disposition please skip on. 

When running in the rain and once my shorts get wet I find they chaff on my legs something awful. I know its par for the course with wet clothes but it is quite irritating and can get sore and painful over longer distances. I have struggled to figure out how to combat it though and as it is just the odd time when running in the rain it is something I will have to grin and bare but any advice would be gratefully received.

Nice weather for ducks! (Well geese!)