Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Running love

I apologise now, this might get a but soppy!

My well used worn out trainers next to a pretty pink new pair, what does this picture mean? My wife is starting out running! 

I love this picture. Heres why...

I love running and I love my wife. Sometimes she would say I love running more than her and it has caused some arguments over the years.

Recently she has started out on her running journey. 

I love the fact I have inspired her to give it ago and she wants to gain the same physical and mental benefits from running that she has seen me benefit from.

I love seeing her fledgling motivation and determination and the effort she is trying to put it. 

There is a part of me that is envious that she is at the start of her journey and she has the endless possibilities of running ahead of her.

How far can she run? How fast can she run? Will she run a 10K one day? Or even a marathon? Or even further? 

She has so many discoveries ahead of her as she gets stronger and faster, who knows what she may be able to achieve.

How ever fast or far she does or doesn't run I look forward to being there and supporting and encouraging her all the way.