Monday, 19 May 2014

Starting the week feeling strong

After my 17K run yesterday in the heat I expected today to be a struggle as I felt so exhausted yesterday afternoon and evening.

The plan today was a recovery session in the gym and maybe a weights circuit and then perhaps some kind of bodyweight circuit outside in the park in the evening.

Morning workout

My morning workout went well and although I hadn't planned to run I felt like I could. My legs felt strong and ready to go which bodes well for my run tomorrow.

Instead I did some time on the xtrainer followed by an ab and core circuit. I finished this off with a lot of stretching and some foam rolling.

Preparation and Organisation

I think this is the key to any training plan, diet or healthy eating regime. This is what I had prepared the evening before all ready to go for my day.

These are my snacks for my workout and day at work, whey powder, trail mix, bananas, apple and carrot&cucumber sticks.


In the evening I did get out for my second session and I mixed up skipping with upper body bodyweight ecercises for a quick high intensity burst.

I rounded off the day with a healthy nutrious and delicious snack: