Thursday, 15 May 2014

The wonderful world of peppers!

Today I got to thinking about peppers.

Why are they different colours? Why are they all different in flavour? I know its not one of lufes big questions but it got me thinking anyway.

I love peppers, peppers in stir frys, pepper based curries, peppers in pasta dishes, peppers raw, peppers dipped in humous or gucamole, peppers in lots of different forms.

One of my main work snacks is raw carrot and cucumber sticks and recently I have started adding peppers into the mix. I usually go for a yellow pepper but today I didn't have any so I went for red pepper which was good but not as good as the yellow.

So why are peppers different?

A quick bit of internet research quickly provided me with some answers. 

Aparently green peppers are unripe and harvested early whereas red, yellow and even orange peppers are harvested at different stages of ripeness.

The different levels of ripeness therefore account for the different types of flavour.

Wow! Everyday us a school day!

The fact that green peppers are unripe justifies why they are more readily available and generally cheaper as well.

Not sure if I am particularly dense about this or just uneducated but I never realise all this!

Did you know?

You can also get purple, white, black and brown peppers?! 

Why are peppers good for you?

Now this stuff I do know a bit more about, peppers are a great source of vitamins and a good provider of fibre as well.

Peppers are rich jn antitoxidant vitamins A, C & K which help fight cancer cells an boost your immune system. 

So now you know a bit more about them stock up on your peppers and reap the benefits!

I would love to know your pepper recipe ideas? Maybe for a curry or rice and pasta dishes? 

This article was not designed to be well researched and majorly informative just mildly interesting for further reading please check out the sites below that I used for a bit of background reading: