Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Twosday Training

I have started upping my training by doubling up a few days a week to training in the morning and evening.

Tuesdays sessions yesterday were great.

1st morning session

In the morning I went to the gym before work and did a bit of cardio mixed up with a little weights circuit and a quick abs blast.

For cardio I did a couple minutes warm up on the xtrainer, 30 stroke sprints on the rower and 10 minutes pushing as hard as I could on the bike.

I then put together a couple of upper body free weight exercises and did three circuits.

For abs I did the same 5 different exercises done 3 times each.

I then finished off with a cool down and stretch.

Needless to say this all left me feeling really pumped and energized for my day ahead.

2nd evening session

My evening session I had planned to be a sprint session. I don't look forward to these and generally don't do enough of these in my training I think because they are hard and they hurt! 

To start I did a 3.5K warm up jog at a gentle pace.

Then on a bit of grass I marked out around 50-60m and did the following drill x2:

30 star jumps
50m sprint
50 rep lunge walk
50m high knees
50m bum kicks
30 star jumps

These were all interspersed with a 50m jog back to the start.

I am planning to get back into doing some interval work on the treadmill but I am loving training outside so much.

This is the view I had while training:

One side:
And this was my impressive back drop:

Pretty impressive isn't it? Much better scenery than most gyms I am sure you will agree?!