Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3 marathons in 3 months update

So time to evaluate how I am getting on working towards this challenge.

Less than two months to go until my first of the three marathons. Having only completed two marathons in the last five or six years to do now be doing three within three months is a massive step up and a demanding challenge I am fully aware of.

So how has my preparation been going? 

I have covered around 50K in each of the last two weeks including one 21K run. I covered the half marathon distance in 1hr 55 which although 16 minutes over my personal best was still something I was pleased with as I took it steady and felt good and strong both at the end and afterwards. 

I have also been focusing on doing more core and ab work as well as trying to stretch and roll wherever and whenever possible. 

I have done some speed and intervals work with the view to beat my current 5K PB at parkrun in the next couple of weeks.

Current training plans

Tomorrow is Run2work day so I will be running part of my commute to work tomorrow as part of my training. I will probably cover around 8K and am looking forward to the demands of running in a different environment with my backpack on to add an extra dynamic.

Healthy Eating

My diet for the most part had been really good especially my lunches at work.

Todays was cous cous, peppers, courgettes, tomatoes, chopped apple and raisins.

The last few days I have been on my staple of brown rice with a variety of differing vegetables. Yesterday I added some variety and bit of fun by turning a boring bowl into my own mini burritos!

My snacking has also been very good and I am loving my dried fruit and nuts. I have also been having plenty of fruit bowls for snacks in the evening. 

As I get closer to my next marathon I keep thinking over my last marathon which was a real struggle. I want to learn as much as possible from that experience and try to banish any demons still lurking in my mind with a great marathon run this time out.