Friday, 27 June 2014

7 Day Runstreak

Wow! This morning with a 7K run at around 7am I finished my 7 day runstreak. In my ten years of running its the first time I have ever completed so many consecutive days running. I have always had an irrational fear of sustaining injury and a mental block about my capabilities to run back to back days. I have on occasion ran on back to back days and maybe once or twice managed three consecutive days but a whole week that is crazy talk! 

I am so pleased I gave it ago though and so amazed of my mini achievement, it required a good dose of dedication and determination to complete, here is a brief outline of my seven days of running:

Day 1: Saturday, Park Run, Harrow Lodge Park, 5K, official time 22.01

A bright, warm and sunny summers morning where I achieved my second fastest parkrun time.

Day 2: Sunday Morning, weekly longrun, 26K, 2hours 23.

An epically long pavement pounding longrun as I ramp up my mileage ahead of my marathon in August.

Here is a breakdown of the last six days of running:

My runs this week were fueled in no small part by a tuna pasta bake I cooked up on Sunday evening and then subsequently consumed throughout the week.

It provided a delicious, nutritious and filling pack lunch for work providing both my carbohydrate and protein requirements.

Day 3: Monday Evening, recovery run, 5K, 31 minutes.

A slow and gentle recovery run sandwiched in between the world cup games of HollandvChile and BrazilvCameroon.

Day 4: Tuesday Evening, 10K run at pace aiming for close to PB time, 45.53.

A great run only around 1minute 30 off my PB, the training is obviously going well as feeling so much stronger and faster!

Day 5: Wednesday morning, before work along the Thames, 5.84K, approx 35mins.

A nice little canter along the north bank of the Thames from Temple down to Tower Bridge. The mapmyrun graphic shown above showing a time of 18 minutes is wrong! My battery died and while the distance kept tracking the time just cut off when my battery gave out.

A snap of the wire lion sculpture by the Tower of London, a sculpture to remember the menagerie of wild and exotic animals that were kept here in days gone past. 

Thursday mornings run was put in jeopardy from a nice evening out watching NigeriavArgentina, a few alcoholic beverages and a cracking burger!

Day 6: Thursday morning, a few slow miles along the Thames south bank, 4K, 22 minutes.

A run I struggled to complete as the week and the night before caught up with me. A change from my usual routes, I headed over Waterloo Bridge and down the South bank and then back over the Millennium Bridge.

On the North side of the Millennium the steps up to St Paul's provided a great workout area for some step ups, toe tappers and step running before a few sprints along the way back.

Day 7: Friday morning, local run before heading out for the day, 7.3K, 40minutes.

I was determined to squeeze a run in this morning before I headed out for the day and away for the weekend that won't feature any running. Heading out soon after 7am a 7K run sealed my 7 day runstreak!