Thursday, 19 June 2014

Boot camp cardio circuit workout

I thought I would share the main part of the workout from my boot camp session last night as I loved it so much! 

It was a great session for working on cardio fitness and will have real benefits on my running as it worked on leg strength and speed.

On top of these circuits outlined below we did a full warm up routine to start, a pyramid circuit of press ups, dips and crunches as well as a plank/ab session to finish with.

Hope this article gives you some ideas and motivation for your own workouts. I have included descriptions and video links for all the exercise but I am sure you will be familiar with most of them if you have done any kind of circuit training or boot camp before. 

Cardio circuit – all for 1 minute with a quick changeover into the next exercise

High Knees – jogging on the spot bringing your knees up in front of you to around waste height. 

Fly jacks – The same as jumping jacks but instead complete a 'fly' or 'chest press' movement with your arms to work your chest muscles. 

Bum kicks – jogging on the spot with your legs coming up behind you with your heels trying to touch your bum. 

Jumping jacks

Mountain climbers – in a high plank/press up position, keeping your hips low drive your legs one at a time forward towards your chest keeping your abs contracted, think high knee movement with your legs. 

Fly jacks

Twisted mountain climbers – The same as mountain climbers but this time twisting the knee of the leg you are driving forward towards the opposite arm working your oblique and side muscles. 

Jumping jacks

And rest! 

Running circuit

Run x 1 minute
Kettle bell full body squats x 1 minute – Gripping a kettle bell to your chest squat all the way down, as you come back to a standing position thrust the kettle bell upwards above your head extending your arms.

Run x 1 minute
Kettle bell lunge x 1 minute -  Gripping a kettle bell to your chest squat, complete lunges with alternate legs keeping the kettle bell still and firm in your grip. 

Run x 1 minute
Kettle bell rockets x 1 minute – Again gripping the kettle bell to your chest squat down and as you get to the bottom of your squat drive upwards jumping vertically off the ground.