Friday, 13 June 2014

Running home for the football

Faced with the prospect of knowing I am not going to have any time over the weekend to get out for a good long run I decided the only way to get out for a long run this week was to run home. 

From my work in central London to my home in Essex it’s quite a stretch of around 15 miles.  

Following the success of my run2work on run2work day last Thursday I have renewed motivation in my desire to run the whole commute home, not today though! Today I plan to run most of the journey and take the tube for the last 3 stops and to cut out the last few miles.

The total distance I estimate to be around 28Km and although this isn't the most direct way it is the easiest and most logical way to navigate.

Today I plan to run around 22Km of this journey with the view of making it home with time to spare to do a few jobs around the house and then be ready to watch Spain v Holland at 8pm.

If I finish work at 5pm and can get changed and out running by 5.15 I should be able to do the journey in just over 2 hours.

I have ran home when we lived at a different slightly closer to London address, that was a run of around 24Km but involved getting lost and going maybe 3 or 4 Km out of my way, I am hoping to avoid any such diversions tonight!

The temperature is also going to be a factor tonight as it’s currently around 25c at the moment and when I have out and about this afternoon I have easily broke into a sweat just leisurely walking around.

I plan to continue my experimentation with cold baths as well post run so I will be getting straight in and jumping into a cold water bath which I think I will need after running in the heat!