Saturday, 14 June 2014

Running home from work for the football

I fell a little short of my destination as I called my run off two tube stops early.

But overall I had achieved my goals of running a minimum of 20Km and getting home with time to spare for the football.

I had covered my desired distance of 20Km, I had bad cramp in my rught foot, the heat had taken its toll and time was getting on.

My total distance of 20.55Km was achieved in just under 2 hours which I was really pleased with when you take into account I was running with a backpack and all the stoppages at traffice lights and waiting to cross roads as well as two stops for water.

I was also impressed with how good I felt, at a steady pace 20Km was a comfortable distance easily achieved.

Running my commute is increasingly becoming a viable option as I was struck by how easy it felt to just pop on my trainers and run as part of my journey.

When taking a train or the tube gor the first time the experience is some what daunting. Am I getting the right train? Have I got my ticket? And all the other things you worry about but over time as you make the journey numerous times it just becomes routine and you conplete the journey without thinking too much.

The same is nkw true for me with running my commute, I used to feel I couldnt achieve it, running with a back pack would be too hard or I didnt feel comfortable with the route and running alongside roads. Now its a breeze and lacing up my trainers and running off is as second nature too me a lacing up my ticket and junping on a train. 

The run its self was easier than I thought and I was pleasntly suprised with how better my stamina levels are than what I expected. Also the weather conditions were more pleasant than I anticipated as there was a nice cooling breeze for the majority of my journey. 

Sure running alongside major A roads isn't the most pleasant of experiences but I did enjoy the variety it provided and the mental challenege of having to overcome the monotony of dull surroundings. 

When I got home I was rewarded with bring able to sit and enjoy the football and what a spectacle Spain v Holland provided?! I was so glad to have not missed out and really enjoy a great game and some great goals! I am looking forward to more occasions of running home for the football. 

So my quest to run all the way home from work continues although I am now only about 6Km off my target. I have pencilled in the 3rd July, the next run2work day as the day to give it ago.