Monday, 2 June 2014

Running into June

Last week marked my second 50Km+ mileage week as my marathon training really kicks in.

Saturday was my longest run in this training programme as I covered a half marathon distance for the first time since running a PB at the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon in March. This time I was a long way off my PB of 1.39 but still managed a respectable 1.55 with the emphasis being on a steady marathon type pace rather than a race against the   clock.

One of my marathon training targets set back in March was to have covered a half marathon distance before the end of May so I am pleased to have achieved this, all be it on the last day of the month!

Saturday morning was the most beautiful summers day so far with the heat to match as well.

Sunday was a rest day but with the weather still pleasant a walk and a picnic was on the cards.

A nice stroll around Weald Country Park did my legs good although I felt my recovery from Saturday was excellent as I didn't feel weary or achy at all. 

Weald Country Park is also the venue for my marathon in October so it was a good opportunity to bring that sharply into focus and to make my long sighted plans appear much more of a reality.

As with most things food related I love a picnic and love preparing for one. 

I managed to knock up some pretty tasty ham and cheese rolls with some healthy snacks in the form of carrot sticks and sliced yellow pepper. 

Some scotch eggs, crisps, a hummus dip and some grapes rounded off a good tasting picnic. 

Sunday evening a gentle 3Km walk/run recovery session and sorted out any lactic acid still in my legs and put me in the best possible position for the week ahead.

Monday morning I successfully completed a nippy pre work 10K around the Thames in London in 51minutes. My aim was to try and go under 50 minutes or at least average at under 5 minute km splits if I didn't quite manage the full 10K. I wasn't very disappointed though as I hadn't run this in ages and was pleased just to get a decent time under my belt. 

So the week ahead is a bit up in the air as I am unsure of a few plans and then the subsequent knock on to my running plans. I hope to do some speed work, take part in run2work on Thursday, go for a PB at parkrun on Saturday before finishing the week with a 15 miler. So we will see how the week pans out.