Sunday, 8 June 2014

This weeks long run and a recovery experiment

This mornings run summary, 22K, boiling hot, not a cloud in the sky and my destination was the World War II concrete barges moored near Rainham.

So I set out at around 8.30am to try and get out before the weather got too hot. It was still pretty hot though a really nice summers day without a cloud in the sky.

My route was through Ingrebourne Valley following the London Loop route 23 all the way to Rainham and onto the River Thames.

Out on the Thames in a bay just beyond Rainham Village are around a dozen discarded World War II concrete barges that were used as part of the D Day landing. 

I really wanted to do this route this weekend following the D Day anniversary earlier in the week.

The engineering feat of constructing these barges and floating them across the channel to France has always astounded and amazed me and seeing these barges up close is always an impressive experience. 

I have done some internet research on the barges and why they ended up there and what their history was. All I have found out was they were used to transport water and fuel over the channel.

They marked the halfway point of my journey and after a bit of reflection I turned around and headed for home. 

My run back was great I felt so good and strong and managed to keep going at a good pace for most of the way home.

I covered 22K in 2hours and 2minutes which I was very happy with. 

When I got home I had a new recovery experiment to try out: 

Ice bath!!!

I felt I needed something extra to boost my recovery during my training for my three up coming marathons so I decided to try out an ice bath.

I filled up a bath with cold water and added cold water from the fridge as well as ice.

I am not sure how cold it was and it really didn't feel that bad, I am not a great fan of really hot baths or showers anyway so that probably helps me cope with colder temperatures. 

Writing this later in the afternoon I must say I am really feeling the benefits of the ice bath. I can honestly say I have never felt this good after a long run. I have no stiffness or achy feeling in my legs instead a kind of numbness in my muscles and feeling of nothingness.

I feel like I could easily train again tomorrow or even today, I wont be but itsgood  to know I feel so well and have discovered a good way to increase my recovery.