Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What goes through my mind trying to run a fast 10K

Last night I headed out to run 10K, I wanted to push myself to run as fast as I could and to try and see if I could get close to my PB. I figured this was a good indicator of where my fitness was and a good way to work on my speed and strength so this was my speed session for the week.

I had planned out a route that was fairly flat, on concrete pavements and paths that would allow me to run fast as opposed to trails and tracks that would require me to run slower. The route was also designed without the need for many road crossings so I wouldn't be held up or delayed.

I have ran a few 10K distances over the last few weeks in around 50 minutes without trying to hard so knew I could get a few minutes under 50 if I pushed a little bit. My 10K PB is 44.30 and I wanted to see if I was in any kind of condition to run close to this bearing in mind I hadn't trained for it and my training emphasis has been on long and slow with the exception of a couple of 5K parkruns.

As part of trying to learn from every run and reflect on what parts of my training are going well or not well I thought it might be useful to try and record my thought processes during my run so here they are listed against each Km ran:  

1st - 4.23 split - I need to run fast, is this fast enough? Am I going too fast? How long can I sustain this pace? Do I feel strong enough to run a good time?

2nd - 4.39 split - Good first K, should I have pushed harder though? Is this pace fast enough or should I push harder? I am nicely settling into a rhythm this is going to be a good run I am feeling good.

3rd - 4.16 split - I am sure I have pushed to hard, I can sustain this for 5K maybe 6 or 7 but not 10 I should have started more conservatively. 

4th - 4.26 split - How is my 5K time going to stack up? I have 3 quick Ks in the bank should I take it easy a bit?

5th - 4.26 split - 22.06 5Km - On course for a great 5K time, I rally need to push a bit harder at Parkrun! Running on concrete though makes a big difference. When will I start to tire? How badly and quickly will I tire? 

6th - 4.40 split - 2nd half its going to get harder! I need to keep breathing, I need to keep concentrating on my technique. Have I fueled well enough to keep going? Should I have eaten more/differently during the day? 

Around this point I started to realise the course I had planned out thinking it was going to be around 10K was now in fact going to be a bit short. I tried to focus on not letting this bother me and distract me but at the same time try to think ahead and plan out where I could run to extend my route on paths or roads that would allow me to keep running fast.

7th - 4.40 split - This is it, this is where the game is won or lost, this is where I dig deep! This is the time to hurt, push now and you get a good time to be proud of, start to relax and you will regret letting yourself down. I want to hurt, I want some pain, I want to push myself hard to the point I will feel ill when I finish, this is it time to go time to give it what you have got!

8th - 4.45 split - Stay strong, keep running the hardest part is behind you but don't let your hard work go to waste you need to finish the job you started.

9th - 4.41 split- On course for a good time now just need to keep at it the last little bit.... I have pushed to early I thought I could increase my pace and sustain it to the end but I have pushed and now there's not much left in the tank, just need to keep working till the end now.

10th - 3.29 split - What have I got left? I am pretty much spent, my technique has gone, my breathing is heavy and so are my legs, when is my final push, what do I have left for a sprint finish?

Overall I was really satisfied with my time of 45.53 as this is probably my second or third fastest ever time and goes to show my training is progressing well and I am getting fitter, stronger and faster, a very satisfying run and result.