Thursday, 12 June 2014

World Cup build up

You will have to excuse my break away from my usual topics to indulge in a little bit of world cup fever….

So you probably will have seen that there is something quite big starting today? The biggest show on earth to be watched by millions upon millions of people and I for one am really rather excited!

I can’t wait to see how Brazil handles hosting the tournament and if the team will live up to the expectations of being tournament favourites?

How are England going to fare? (I reckon they might squeeze through the group and then get knocked out by Columbia in the second round, which would be a decent achievement)

Who will be the stand out players? I am looking forward to seeing all the usual suspects but think Di Maria and Aguero for Argentina will have great tournaments as well as Lukaku, Hulk & David Silva.

How will my sweepstake team of Belgium feature in the tournament? (Realistically I know they won’t win but I am quite excited by the prospect of cheering on Lukaku, Kompany and co)

I have invetsed a little money in Brazil to win outright with Sergio Aguero of Argentina to be the tournaments lead goal scorer so fingers crossed!

But the big question will be how will the world cup fixture affect my training?
I am very much an early to bed and early to get up in the morning kind of guy and this is reflected in the fact I do most of my running in the early morning.

I generally really struggle staying up in the evenings watching TV, films or sport and have quite a reputation of falling asleep through things! So the prospect of late kick offs is not really going to suit me.

Planning to watch a few games out and about in pubs and bars with friends will obviously have a knock on effect on my training as well so I will be trying to cut down on my alcohol intake.
I was planning to go alcohol free through July with my marathon booked for the first weekend in August and this will still be my plan. I know I have the willpower to do it if I want to and missing out on a few drinks will not impact on my enjoyment of the football.

I guess it’s just another thing you have to sacrifice for the good of your running and training and a good time in my marathon will more than justify any sacrifices made.  

I am thinking of scheduling my runs in the evenings before the late kicks off so I am awake and alert to stay up for them and I will see how that works out….