Thursday, 10 July 2014

Are you a secret runner?

Just wanting to check something....

Does anyone else hide their running away from colleagues or maybe friends? Or am I alone in my attempt to keep my running life a secret?

Today I was asked by two different colleagues did I have a race coming up and was I training for anything at the moment, and to both I quite bluntly replied no! This is despite the fact I have a marathon in about 3 weeks which is the start of my 3 marathons in 3 months.

I am not ashamed or shy of my running achievements or ambitions just I find it easier to keep things to myself, I don't like the fuss and attention you see.

I wondered though is this normal or is this quite unusual? 

I have a reputation at work for being a health freak as its known that I seem to have super human powers (well people seem to find it unbelievable that I can go to the gym before work, that I run for fun, that I can get through my day without drinking coffee every thirty minutes and that I have the restraint to not gorge myself on chocolate cake whenever there is a birthday in the office, pretty average things in my book), so the fact I run in events from time to time is common knowledge.

I guess I just don't want the pressure of everyone knowing and could do without the inane interest of people who don't understand my running lifestyle.

There is a fellow runner at work and I don't mind disclosing my plans to him as I suppose he gets where I am coming from and can appreciate my aims and objectives more fully. Even he seems reluctant to let on about his events and does what he can to keep a low profile when running at lunch or home from work.

So how do you play it with your non runner friends or colleagues? Would be great to hear your experiences and stories and whether you are a secret runner or not!