Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Running return after illness

A weekend away followed by five days of illness meant I hadnt been running for six days.

I tested the water to make aure I was well enough to run on Friday evening with a gentle 7K run which went OK, but I wasnt sure how I was fixed for a weekend long run. Ideally I should have been aiming to complete my first run in the region of 30Km.

I wasnt sure as to what kind of distance or pace I would be up to as I still didnt feel 100% so I headed out with a vague notion of aiming to run around 2 hours.

After a couple of miles I knew I was OK to complete a half decent long run but it was also obvious I didn't have the energy or strength to run a great pace. 

I settled into a decent enough pace of around 5.30min/Km which I was comfortable with although this is somewhat slower than the pace I will be aiming for in the first half of my marathon and in particular the first quarter.

I managed to cover 22K in 2 hours and was just pleased to have got a half decent long run under my belt even though I know my training will now be one 30K run light.

Overall it was a very enjoyable run as I took on a new route linking a couple of country parks together in a kind of loop around my local area. It was nice to run on a real variety of terrains and through varied landscapes. My run took me through residental areas, open park park land, through woods, round lakes and along motorways running on grass, pavement, gravel paths, muddy tracks and tarmac.

I was so thankful to be back up and running and glad I wasn't laid up ill for any longer. Hopefully thats now my illness allocation used up and I will get a good run of clean health in the build up to my marathons.