Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday night fajita fun

What a great way to combine having some fun on a Saturday night with a tasty  meal to fuel my long run tomorrow than making fajitas?! 

I fancied something different to eat and they are always good fun to make and eat, they make for some colourful photos too.

I really should try making fajitas using my own technique and recipe but I always opt for the dinner kits where they supply you with the seasoning and you just add the fresh ingredients.

Take some chicken:

Prepare some veg, peppers and mushrooms are two of the best for fajitas, I kept it simple on this occasion and neglected adding red onion or tomato.

I also prepared some rice as an accompaniment and for good carb dose for me ahead of running tomorrow.

I have been doing a mixture of brown and basmati rice which works quite nicely giving good taste and texture which is a bit better than just brown rice on its own which can be hard to eat. 

Next fry up the chicken with a little oil, when its started to cook up add in the veg and the fajita spice seasoning.

When the chickens nicely browned its ready to serve up!

Now for the fun part of trying to build your fajita, its so easy to overfill!

I layered the chicken and veg with the rice then added the salsa and sour cream to the top, when it all combines together its a pretty amazing taste sensation!

This time we had used the medium spice option which was perhaps a little hot for our tastes  so thankfully we had the sour cream to cool as down!

I hope you enjoyed my photos as I certainly enjoyed eating the fajitas! 

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