Thursday, 31 July 2014

The fun part of marathon training

So now for the fun part! The early morning training is done, the grueling long runs are finished the aching limbs from high mileage weeks are over now its just time to take it easy and make sure I am ready for the marathon. And of course the fun part every runner enjoys race week carb loading! 

This week my focus has been on:

  • Looking after my legs to make sure they are fresh for Sunday so not too much running plenty of walking and some stretching and ice baths.

  • Staying hydrated in the build up right the week through by drinking plenty of water mixed in with some green teas and fruit juices.

  • Plenty of rest by aiming to get to bed by 10pm every night and not being busy in the evenings.

  • Carb loading, making sure I have been eating a good quantity and good variety of good carbohydrates.
A great article I found with some great advice on pre marathon preparation is here its an article written by Olympic Marathon runner Scott Overall so its definitely from a source you can trust! His blog on realbuzz is definitely worth checking out as it has some great advice on all things running related.  

I have increased my carbohydrate consumption a little through the week but now its Thursday I am really upping my game.

I have been sneaking extra carbs into my diet by eating plenty of potato and by adding a tortilla wrap to a meal or having a wrap with peanut butter as a snack.

My eating plan for today is shaping up like this:

Eggs on toast for breakfast, plenty of fruit, brown rice for lunch, flapjack for an afternoon snack, more fruit and steak and mashed potato for dinner. 

I try and minimize my wheat intake as I don't like being bloated so cut down on bread and pasta options.

Brown rice always plays a part in my pre race diet both in terms of a good low fat clean eating lunch option and a good carb loading source in the build up to a run.

Flapjacks are also a key ingredient of my pre race diet as a good carb heavy snack and as my pre race meal. They weigh in at over 400 calories and around 60g of carbohydrate so they are not a light option but will provide me with the fuel I need to complete the marathon ahead.

Thanks for reading, what are your carb loading secrets and tips? Any advice on marathon build up and what to do/what not to do in the week before a marathon?