Thursday, 10 July 2014

Training update, midweek long run, tiredness and steak

So after being so ill last week I am definitly back up and running now.

With the girst of my three autumn marathons just over three weeks away I am focusing hard on my training and working hard in this important section of my training plan but it is tough going.

My 22K long run at the weekend was followed up by a 4K recovery run on Monday, some interval treadmill running on Tuesday and a 14K run on Wednesday night.

Overall I feel my training is going pretty well, I am definitly feeling stronger and am continuing to increase my fitness and stamina. 

However I have reached the hard part of a training program. Training has started to become somewhat arduous as spending so many hours a week running takes its toll, I am feeling much more tired from the increased training and early starts as well as a surge in hunger of wanting to eat anything and everything but trying to stay strict to my diet objectives.

I am sure all runners recognise these kind of symptoms of a hard training program, but although hard I know this is ther period that if I stick at it will have big rewards when it comes to race day.

I am already experiencing a massive indicator that my training is going well as my trousers are starting to hang off me and I am down to the last hole on my belt. I think I should buy some extra clothes to wear just for the few weeks before an event when the weight has dropped off and my regular clothes stop fitting!

Last nights run was over a made up route of new streets to explore coupled with familar sections of routes I usually run. 

I realised recently that as my training has grown in intensity and I have started pushing harder on runs that I have stopped taking photos on runs which I can appreciate makes my blog much less interesting!

So last night I tried to take a few interesting photos. This is the best view I experienced on my run, a giant St Georges flag flying proudly from a roof of a house on the edge of the country park a magnificent sight in the evening sunshine. Hopefully you can make it out, I found it quite a striking sight against the back drop of an open sky.

I have tried to refrain from taking the same photos that I have included in previous posts, heres a photo of the crowd that gathered to cheer me at one point on my route.

I say cheer it was more of a quack and if anything the latge numbers of water fowl aroynd the lake where I regularly run are an irritant as they tend to gather around the paths causing an obstruction as well as leaving plenty of slip hazards everywhere if you get what I mean!

By the time I got home I had time to knock up a bit of dinner before it was time to settle down and watch the second World Cup semi final of Holland v Argentina.

This was actually my first shot at cooking steak at home using my George Foreman grill and although it turned out far more well done than rare which is what I was aiming for it was still pretty good!

With only the final remaining in the World Cup I am glad that I will be able to have more time available in the evenings and will be able to get to bed earlier. Staying up to watch games especially the 9pm kick offs have been difficult for me as they have eaten away at my usual early bed time routine so although I will miss the World Cup when it finishes I will welcome the extra sleep. 

Many thanks for reading!