Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend

A Bank Holiday weekend, a thrilling prospect of an extra day off work, so much time, so much potential. But as is all too often it can descend into a lethargic mess of miserable British weather and over crowded garden centres.

I can't see my bank holiday weekend has been all that bad but this morning, which is bank holiday Monday morning I find myself in an Alan Partridge bank holiday boredom quandary of not knowing exactly what to do with myself.

I guess I have kind of confused myself as today is a rare day off where I don't feel like exercising and don't have a training plan in place, and it a very strange occurrence to reach after 10 am and I haven't even planned when I am going for a run let alone have been for a run!

My lack of appetite for exercise stems from two factors, firstly the gloomy, wet and miserable view outside my window which is a prime example of the a fore mentioned British Bank Holiday weather and secondly a weekend spent visiting my mum and dads being indulgent in all manner of my mums cooking and various snacks, crisps, cakes and other not so good for you treats that I have been very good at avoiding during my marathon training. 


My Saturday of the weekend was spent with an early morning drive with my wife up 'North' to meet up with my parents along with my Sister and her Fiance at Rutland water reservoir. 

The next couple of hours were then spent riding the 16 miles around the lake with this vehicle below being my mode of transport: 


A very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon even if my natural speed and energy was somewhat restricted by the slower speed of the girls and the large weight I carried in my bag as I acted as pack horse for the group carrying drinks, snacks and jackets. 

A pretty good form of exercise as well and quite a sweat and appetite was worked up which was good as a plentiful picnic was waiting back at the car. A wide range of homemade snacks and cakes, salads, crisps, dips, coleslaw, rolls, nibbles and sweet treats easily replaced the calories burned and then some!


Sunday morning I headed out for my usual run when I am back home at my parents, I see it as less of a training run and more of a trip along memory lane along my route through the town and park. 

The park does have its picturesque spots as my pictures illustrate despite on the surface not appearing to be anything special.


The run wasn't my finest as I was possibly a bit tired from the bike ride the day before but I also definitely felt the negative affects of all the snack and junk food consumed the day before. 

I still managed a sub 50 10K on a very steep and hilly route, but although it was a good time it was a struggle as I really didn't feel that great or comfortable the whole way round. 

Sunday afternoon we headed off to a local garden centre for a little look round and a spot of lunch.

When I was confronted by the cake selection I was glad I had popped out for a run earlier as the cakes all looked awesome! They had all the standard kind of Victoria sponge cakes, meringues, millionaire shortbread and rock roads but also a range of confectionery inspired cakes such as a mars bar cheesecake, an oreo cake along the lines of a pavlova but the one I really couldn't resist was the peanut butter stack. 


It was delicious! It lived up to its looks and a perfect blend of sweet, chocolately, sticky, sickly peanutty goodness! It was made up of layers of chocolate brownie, some kind of peanut butter cream, topped with a thick caramel type sauce and peanuts, awesome!

Sunday afternoon was then for the drive back home when I got hit with some rather bad news, I had left my trainers at my parents house! Whoops! 

Mum is going to send them in the post but they wont get her for a few days so I am a bit unsure as to what do to with my running until then. I have some other trainers but they are well past their running best and I don't want to risk any injures pr pain by running in unsuitable trainers. 

So with the weather, my lack of interest in training today and a lack of suitable running footwear my day at the moment is looking a bit like this, coffee and pissing about on the internet. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have had/are having an enjoyable Bank Holiday Weekend whether you are running or not.