Friday, 8 August 2014

Post run snack foodporn

Soon after I finished my marathon on Sunday I started upon the important job of refueling.

Feeling ravenous and eager to fuel my muscle with much needed calories and nutrients I quickly consumed what food I had within reach.

My post race meal consisted of:

A tortilla wrap I had packed to bring with me as an easy way to replenish on carbohydrates.

A banana, the trusted runners friend so versatile to provide a tasty shot of energy and carbohydrates either pre or post run.

Last but not least a Mars bar which was part of the post race goody bag. Having given up chocolate and sweet sugary foods in the several weeks building up to the marathon combined with the urgent desire for great tasting calories high in sugar that Mars bar tasted Amazing!

So in those few moments an idea was formed....

Why not combine the three ingredients into one awesome post run snack?

So that is exactly what I did last night after my run:

One tortilla wrap:

Add one banana:

Mash up said banana:

Add the Mars bar, I only had mini ones so decided to use three:

Pop in the microwave for a bit, I opted for 45 seconds which did the job nicely:

Then wrap up into a kind of burrito shape:

Then eat and enjoy!

The verdict:

It was everything I had hoped for! Melted gooey chocately goodness with the fruit banana flavour all combined in a warm sticky mess. OK not the ideal snack if you haven't got a sweet tooth or don't like sickly desserts but for me it worked out perfectly!

I have for a while been trying to think up some ingredients so a sweet desert based burrito and I think this idea could form the basis of my plan. I just need to finalize a few more ideas for what to add, I need a few extra flavours going on and something with a bit more bite and crunch. If you have any ideas or if you have done something similar I would love to hear! 

Nutritional information:

For the health conscious among you or just for your general information this is how this snack stacks up:

                      Wrap - 180 calories - 34g carbs
                      Banana - 100 calories - 25g carbs
                      Mars bars - 240 calories - 39g carbs