Saturday, 9 August 2014

Red Dog BBQ Saloon meat feast foodporn

Red Dog Saloon 

How does the saying go? 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy', well the last few weeks I have certainly been working hard in training for my marathon last weekend so a night out with friends to to enjoy a few drinks and some great food was definitely a bit overdue. 

The Red Dog Saloon is known for being somewhat of a mouth watering meat lovers paradise, this blog is going to one of those where there is not so much writing as I let the photos tell the story. 

The place made me feel like I was in an episode of Man v Food starring as Adam Richman sampling the finest food on offer from recipes handed down through the generations in a family run redneck diner in the middle of Texas, which is kind of a dream come true for me! 

The menu is packed full of delicious sounding meat based options including a range of chicken, burgers and ribs as you would expect from an American barbecue restaurant. 

After quite a few drinks earlier in the evening some good food was well overdue and after some careful deliberation of all the menu options I opted for the following: 

A pulled pork sandwich of 16 hour smoked pork in a brioche bun with house BBQ sauce accompanied by slaw and side dishes of fries and BBQ chicken wings.  

The pork was probably the best pulled pork I have ever had as you would expect from a specialist barbecue joint and the wings weren't far behind either. Soaking in an excellent sweet and tangy BBQ sauce the meat fell off the bone so easily and every bite was an enjoyable experience.

It was a great meat feast full of flavour and full on meaty goodness, if any additional taste was needed an ample selection of sauces were on hand. 

To help wash it all down there was plenty of liquid refreshment on hand as well. 

In the aftermath of such a great meal there wasn't much left to be considered for a doggy bag to take home!