Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spitfire Scramble in summary

This weekend I took part in Spitfire scramble a 24 hour team relay event held in my local country park.

After 24 hours of running I could write pages and pages on my experiences so thought instead I would condense my race report into a short and concise breakdown as follows:

Cereal, Coffee, 2 mile bike to course, Flap jack, Banana, Ran Lap 1, 2 mile bike home, Mars bar, Protein shake, Ice bath, Walk to town to do shopping, Peanut butter wrap and Orange juice, Coffee, 2 mile bike back to course, Water, Energy drink, 2 jaffa cakes, Energy drink, Shit i need to run! 2nd lap, Much needed pee! Water lots of water, 2 jaffacakes, More water, Energy drink, 2 miles bike home, Ice bath, Stretch, Home made burritos for dinner, Water, Rest, Coffee, 2 miles bike back to course, Banana, 3rd lap Run,Water, 2 miles bike home, Protein shake, Stretch, 2 hours sleep, Get up at a ridiculous hour! Handful of shreddies, Coffee, 2 miles bike back to course, Jaffa cakes, Realise i have forgotten my energy drink! Warm up, 4th lap, Water,Crazy decision to run another lap, Water, Jaffa cakes, Warm up, Run another lap! Water, Lose bag, Eventually find bag, Water, Jaffa cakes, 2 miles bike home, Water, Orange juice and bacon sandwich, Shower, Stretch, 20 min power nap, Up and dressed and head out back, Tube and bus, Water, Energy drink, Run 6th lap, Water, Jaffa cakes, Stretch, chillout, Relax, no more running! Water, Wrap, Mars bar, Juice,Come home, Sleep, Football, crisps and beer! Chillout!

My running times and official times were:

12.45 1st lap - 43.13
16.45 2nd lap - 43.45
22.50 3rd lap - 52.44
04.00 approx 4th lap - 59.39
06.00 approx 5th lap - 58.45 
10.40 6th lap - 53.39

Overall I covered 6 laps, 58km/36miles in 5 hours 11.