Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday morning post run brunch

Sunday morning and after my first longish run since the marathon last week (a 12Km threshold run) I felt pretty hungry and wanted something substantial to eat. 

After eating so well and healthy for the weeks leading up to the marathon I have been very much enjoying eating less healthy this week and this morning was no exception. 

After a bit of though and an assessment of what ingredients I had at my disposal I came up with the idea of a breakfast wrap. Modeled on the McDonalds breakfast wrap I thought whatever they can do I can probably do better and slightly healthier! 

Here is a look at my effort:

My concoction consisted of a tortilla wrap, some cheese, two potato waffles, a fried egg and some lightly fried mushrooms and tomatoes. 

It proved to be a very delicious ingenuous brunch idea and was a joy to eat as the egg ran into the melted cheese and mixed in with the tomato ketchup mixing up nicely with the fresh vegetables. 

After a grueling run at a tough pace of a little over 5 min/km as well as dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha which has battered the UK today with heavy rain and strong winds I was so thankful for something tasty to eat!