Friday, 29 August 2014

Wow! I am running in a 24hour team relay event!

This weeks training has been some what disrupted. I had planned on putting in more shorter runs in the form of some speed work. On Thursday I had planned to go for a long run which was going to be another attempt at me running the full 15 mile+ distance all the way home from work. 

But I scrapped my training regime earlier in the week as my plans for this weekend have changed rather drastically as I am now going to be running in the Spitfire Scramble 24 hour event!

When the event was announced earlier in the year I was incredibly eager to take part either as a solo runner or as part of a team. However I had to reign my excited self back in as I had already committed to my three marathons in three months which I am currently slap bang in the middle of.

My real desire and interest in wanting to be involved in the event were that it is being held in my local country park which is a place I hold dear as I have done the majority of my training in and around the park over the last 6+ years.

My late entry into the event happened when I saw a tweet from the race organisers asking for runners to come forward to fill places in a team left short of runners through injury.

Being local and having no other plans this weekend I quickly put my name forward and now I find myself 24hours away from partaking in a 24hour team relay race as part of the mighty teamred!

The event is pretty simple, run as many laps of the 10K course as you can in the 24hour time period one runner at a time, and in our case we need to try and rack up more laps than out opposition teamblue.

The nature of the challenge has now started to dawn on me!

How will I cope running multiple laps over a 24 hour period?

What am I going to be like running in the dark, in the night, in the cold?

How will I rest and refuel inbetween my laps?

What kind of times will I be able to run? And how will these vary at different times of the day and throughout the event?

As with any challenge it is the nature of the unknown that is exciting and provides  the thrill of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!

I am really looking forward to the challenge ahead, seeing how many laps I can complete and how I hold up during the event. I am also excited at being part of a brilliant event, contributing to the success of a team as well running what will be some great trails amongst an interesting, beautiful landscape.

Thanks for reading, good luck to anyone running in spitfire scramble or any other events this weekend. If anyone has any advice on how to approach such an event I would be very pleased to hear it!