Monday, 22 September 2014

1 week countdown to marathon number 2

Yesterday marked a week to go to the Nottingham Marathon and I cant say I am feeling great about the impending run.

Yesterdays run along with last Sundays run did not go well. I felt tired and lethargic both in myself generally and also in my legs. I struggled to cover around 8 miles yesterday and I found the 11 miles the previous week a real challenge, on both occasions I had originally aimed for a few more miles but just didn't have it in me.

I have been doing plenty of running mid week as well including some speed work which I have also found a struggle. I did however have a pretty good 15km run on Wednesday that was my best run in ages in terms of my general fitness and running stamina.

Tiredness and lack of energy aren't my only problems though as recently I have been struck by 'runners belly' problems. Not nice! 

So now I am in the situation where I don't feel that match fit and ready for the upcoming marathon, don't have any confidence in my own fitness and am concerned as to my ability to get through any run let alone a marathon without needing at least one toilet break!

For the time being my thoughts of PBs, sub 4 hour marathons and the like are not at the forefront of my mind. I am just concerned with how to feel at my best when on the start line next Sunday and how to get not only to the end of the run but to get through the run without any toilet mishaps!