Saturday, 13 September 2014

Exploring Exeter on the run

This week posed a difficult challenge for me as I was away with work for 3 nights in Exeter.

When going away with work I always plan to go out running a few times and usually succeed but its difficult as I am never sure how my time will pan out and how long and when my free time will be. 

As I was going to be away for 4 days/3 nights I packed 3 lots of running kit and was confident I would be able to use it all on 3 runs if I was dedicated enoigh to do so.

My first run was bright and early on the first morning, heading out around 6.20 AM I covered 4.5km.

Having some free time that evening I decided I had to capatlise on the opportunity for a run as I wasn't sure what other opportunities the next two days would bring. So I headed out for anexploratory run towards Exeter town centre with the aim of finishing by a near by park so I could do a few interval sprints. The run worked out well and I covered 5.8km including the interval session.

As things transpired I had a free evening on the last evening so cashed in with a long run. 

I covered over 11km in just over an hour which included a few stoppages for navigation purposes as well as for taking photos.

I headed towards the city centre following a cycle path, it soon brought me out on to the river.

The river banks seemed an ideal route for runners, dog walkers and cyclisists alike and there were plenty of all of these out in force making the most of a gorgeous late summers evening.

My plan was to see a bit of the town including the cathedral and the older part of the city.

After a while I spotted on the horizon what I thought to be the cathedral but turned out to be one of Exeters other churches.

I was mightily impressed with the runner friendliness of Exeter with so many cycle paths and clearly marked and signed foot paths which made navigation around the city very straightforward. 

I easily found my way up towards the cathedral and the older part of the city and enjoyed gently jogging around taking photos amongst the other tourists and people enjoying a pleasant evening out.

I then headed towards the quay which I figured would allow me to work out a route back along the river.

One of my favourite sights on my run was the impressive cannons positioned outside custom house by the quayside.

There was also a great view of some of the boats moored up in the quay. Theres something pretty spectacular about boats, water and sunshine.

I then headed back along the river enjoying the late summer sun hopeful that there are still a good few warm sunny evenings left before autumn and winter set in.

Overall I really enjoyed wxploring Exeter and it seems to be a city with a lot to offer. As I have already mentioned it is very biker/runner friendly and seems to be a city with a focus on environmental issues.