Tuesday, 9 September 2014

This weekends running update

After 35 miles of running last weekend as part of spitfire scramble its fair to say I have struggled a bit to fully recover. 

After a little recovery run on the treadmil on Tuesday I was feeling a bit more energetic by the end of the weekend so headed out Thursday evening and subsequently covered 15km. It was a very pleasing ran as I was able to cover each km in less than 5 minutes and average 4.57min/km overall.

This weekend I was definitely feeling the strain mentallay and physically of marathon training continuously over the last four months. Making the time to squeeze in the required miles and the hours has been demanding and becomes too much after a while and I think I am starting to reach that point.

This weekend required some careful planning and a hefty dose of dedication and determination to get in my run as I had to fit in quite a few responsibilties and plans into the weekend and finding time to dedicate a few hours to running was a challenge.

My training plans were brought into focus  when on Saturday morning I received my Nottingham Marathon race number and information. 

This weekend marks three weeks to go and I must say I am looking forward to it very much but also to a weekend away in a great city.

At the same time that I received this and my mind started to plan ahead my body was having other ideas. Ascending a hill as part of my run on Thursday night I developed a bit of a twinge in my right knee and it has continued to linger over the weekend. 

It doesnt bother me so much when I run but bugs me on stairs and when twisting and turning. A few general applications of ibruprofen gel over the weekend seemed to help and I came through my long run on Sunday unscathed. 

Speaking of my long run on Sunday I planned covering 25-30K across two stints if necessary.

I headed out and covered 18K straight off then popped into the flat for a quick toilet break, drink, energy gel and a change of tshirt before heading out and covering another 10K.

My aim had been to cover as much of a half marathon in sub 5 min splits and then hang on and cover the rest of the distance as best I could.

With my aim of running a sub 4 hour marathon I figure I need to be qble to cover a half marathon in around 1 hour 50 and then be strong enough to complete the second half in 2 hours.

My plan worked well as I managed to knock off the first 18 kilometres in either sub or just over and my last 10K was in a very respectable 57 minutes as well! 

The start of my run was a bit hampered by my eating the night before, my wife's home cooked moussaka seemed to be sitting right in my belly like an uncomfortable weight and it took around 10K for it to shift.

I am pleased though that I am able to run as well as I did despite this problem.

I am feeling buoyant ahead of my next marathon, my next challenge in terms ofsticking to my training and diet will be my trip away with work.

I am away for four days and three nights, I have packed plenty of running kit and am sure I will get the time to head out for a couple of little runs at least!