Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tiredness, new trainers and Banana cake

Yesterday I wasn't sure what kind of training to do, I tried to listen to my body but had no idea what my body was trying to tell me. On the one hand it felt good and ready to run and on the other hand it felt lethargic and good for nothing.

I headed out for run with a very loose plan just to see how I got on...

I did a gentle ish 5km and felt OK, I felt how I should at this stage in marathon training running a gentle 5km, good with plenty of energy to run more. My legs still didn't feel quite right though.

I wanted to do some speed work as I have neglected this a bit in recent weeks.

I did 5 x 50m sprints at around 80% followed by 50m recovery jogs.

Not a lot of energy in the tank but not too bad.

So I repeated again and I very quickly ran out of steam.

A gentle 3km jog home left my legs feeling wooden and tired, I am not sure what  to put my lethargy down to, I have trained well followed the same warm up and cool down routines, I am eating plenty of good carbs and protein, plenty of fruit and veg and I am sleeping well and in a good routine. 

All I can do is look after myself and try and listen to my body and then act accordingly.

Yesterday was the first run in my newly purchased trainers, Asics GT 3000.

My initial feedback on them is not great as I am not that comfortable with them in comparison to my previous pair which were Asics GT 2000.

I am planning to write up a review of both trainers and a comparison between the two types.

Post run I cooked up a multi veg stir fry which looked so amazingly colourful cooking in my wok but the photo below doesn't really capture the vibrant colour properly!

I also baked myself a new cake recipe that I recently found courtesy of you can find the recipe here Dark Chocolate Banana cake.

All I can say is it is an amazingly magical mix of chocolately banana gooeyness which is just awesome! It is so easy to bake and will be providing me with a sweet snack treat for the week ahead.