Friday, 10 October 2014

Between marathon 2 and 3

So two out of three marathons done and dusted.

Number one the Vanguard Way Marathon completed in 4.55 after one or two issues.

Number two the Robin Hood Marathon in Nottingham ticked off with a PB of 4.10 just over a week ago.

Number three fast approaching before the end of the month, the Brentwood Weald Country Park marathon less than three weeks to go!


I thought I would tie up a few loose ends and recap on where I am and what I am doing as I enter the final stage of my three marathons in three months series.

To be honest I have kind of had enough of running OK maybe not running but the demands of marathon training. My body is starting to feel the affects of several months hard training and I am getting a bit fee up with constantly having to train and eat right, still mustn't grumble!

As I have mentioned I completed my second marathon in a PB time of just under 4hours 10 minutes and with it earned myself the flashest medal in my collection!


Not only is it shiny and orange (my favourite colour!) and with the striking robin hood design but the bit in the middle spins round! Awesome! 

After the marathon I did go on a little post run eating binge and enjoyed eating a few too many calories to help me refuel. If you are in the mood for a bit of food, check out this blog here be warned does contain foodporn!


Trainer wise about three weeks before my second marathon I bought my second 'new' pair of trainers.

My 'newer' asics GT 3000's replacing the 'old' new pair of my asics GT 2000's.

I figure my 2000's have done in excess of 400km and felt like they had lost a lot of life, I will still keep them as my second back up pair as they still have a bit of life left in them though.

Ideally I would have had a little more time to wear in my new pair before my second marathon but it disnt work out that way and although they haven't caused me any problems I think they will be more in their prime come my third marathon in a few weeks

Yearly mileage

Year to date I have almost hit 1300km thats around 800 Miles and I think I am on course to hit 1700km. Earlier in the year I did have an ambition of trying to hit 2000km as I narrowly missed 1000km in 2014 but I know now I am too far adrift from being able to meet that target.

My new aim is to hit 1000 miles which will be just over 1600km which is very doable as I will only need to cover 100km per month for the last three months, should be in the bag! 

London marathon 

Last week I along with many others up and down the country waited expectedly for their fate to be decided? Was Christmas going to be planned around training runs? Would I have to endure a lot of running through the cold, dark dank days of January?

The simple answer is a big far no!

No London Marathon for me again! I have entered the ballot at least 6 or 7 times over the last 10 years or so and never been lucky enough to get in. I know I am not alone in not being lucky enough to be selected.

I did go on a bit of a twitter rant against the London Marathon in the gact that it has become more about celebrity runners and fundraising and less of a race event. Anyway thts over with now and I know I will still be entering the ballot again to hopefully be selected for 2016, fingers crossed!

So on-wards to Marathon number 3...

Marathon number three is in Brentwood, Weald Country Park to be precise and must surely be my most local marathon as it is only a 10-15 minute drive away.

Having started to look into the specifics of this run I am a bit taken aback that this marathon consists of 12 3.5km laps! Argh!

I knew it was laps but so many repetitions of such small laps sounds awfully dull and dreary with the potential to destroy any runner mentally. Time will tell!

The positive from it is that as it is in a park and the route is off road I can go back to training on trails for my preparation which I am really looking forward to! Bring on the trails!

Thanks for reading as always any tips and hints on how to cope with running multiple laps would be great!