Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How far is your marathon?

I am a quiet kind of guy, I am not loud, I do not usually volunteer information about myself easily and this is true for my running.

I don't tell people I run regularly or I try to train every day or that I often run a long distance event at the weekend.

At work I have tried to keep my running exploits under my hat and have largely succeeded. I did however recently share my marathon running with a fellow running colleague which has now led to word spreading. Another colleague now seeks me out for advice on her own fledgling running aspirations which is nice, I like it, but it has led to my running being discussed in group situations which inevitabley has led to more of my work colleagues knowing and subsequently taking an interest in my running.

This has culminated in a colleague shouting his best wishes for this weekends marathon across the office. I know there is nothing wrong with this and its a really nice sentiment but as a shy introverted person it just doesn't sit well with me.

I guess that kind of personality fits in well with being a runner as running is a solidarity and private past time with no reliance on team mates or achievements being widely acknowledged by others. 

To a certain extent I can't hide things from those I work with, its always been fairly obvious that I have been into fitness lifestyle as I don't drink lots of coffeeand don't usually partake in birthday cake when its someones birthday. These behaviours although sometimes admired are usually seen as rather odd as they differ from the office norm.
I suppose the problem is mine as I am private and just don't really want to share my running with everyone. 

Thats what makes my blog somewhat weird as here I am sharing my running with the Internet and the potential audience of millions of people! 

I enjoy writing my blog though, I enjoy interacting with other runners and sharing each others experiences, I just don't want to share my running with the people I share an office with every day!

I think it might be because I know people generally don't understand running andI don't want to have to explain myself and my running to people. I am sure all runners suffer with this, I just hope I don't get to many versions of the dreaded 'How far is your marathon?' question!