Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The final curtain - the third of three marathons in three months

Tomorrow is the third of my three marathons in three months? The marathon in question is the Brentwood South Weald Marathon in Essex. 

How am I feeling about it?

In a way glad it is going to be over but at the same time sad that I will lose that long term goal and the short term focus from every day life.

My preparation since my last marathon just 4 weeks ago has gone well. I very much stuck to the less is more training mantra and only completed one long run of note a 18 mile run commute home.

My challenge for tomorrows marathon will be the course as the route is 12 laps of a 3.5km course. I have thought quite a bit about how to deal with this and have tried to play it down and just think of it as a normal run. My coping strategy if I need one will be to follow the 'run in the moment' advice of Scott Jurek, the idea of breaking runs down into the current situation and not thinking about what has gone before or what lies ahead. There is a great video interview that I watched this week that you can see here

I have been looking forward to this marathon as it really my local event as it takes place a few miles a way and will only take 15 minutes to drive. I must say it is nice not to have to travel away to race and to not have to plan and arrange travel and accommodation etc.

So the stage is set for this third marathon, I have a few niggles to my calves (a constant issue with me) and to my right ankle but other than that I feel strong.

My marathon supplies for before, during and after.
My preparation this last week has been good and my legs feel pretty fresh and eager to run. I have done a few slow, gentle sessions on the stationary bike and have found these to be really beneficial.

The only negative in my preparation is that tonight, the ever so important pre-race night is the night of a family occasion so I will be out for Dinner and a night at the local greyhound races. Any other night I would be really keen for such an evening as I enjoy a night at the dogs but just not tonight! 

So fingers crossed for tomorrow! Thank you to everyone for your support and well wishes. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and a massive well done to anyone who has taken on the grueling Beachy Head Marathon today!