Monday, 17 November 2014

Day 1 of my runstreak

Todays run: Morning - distance/tempo - pavement/trail - 8.52km - 46.34mins

So today is the first day of my planned 29 day runstreak, OK so today isn't really a runstreak but just a normal run but I am hoping it will develop into a long runstreak.

The full reasoning behind my runstreak can be read here. The plan for my runstreak is to run for 29 consecutive days and to cover a minimum of 5km a day. I plan to incorporate a range of different runs including morning and evening runs, sprint and interval training, running partially to and from work, a parkrun or two and a pre Christmas Santa run

For my first day I headed off earlyish as I am on a day off work. Normally when I head off before 9 am on a weekend its so quiet with not many people about but on a Monday morning it was so busy! It was so weird to see so much traffic with people on their way to work and kids off to school and college. It was weird to have so many people getting in the way of my early morning relaxing run!

The colours of the trees in the late autumn are really amazing at the moment non more so than the trees outside at our flat. 

As my runstreak is in support of Pancreatic Cancer and November's Pancreatic Cancer awareness month I thought it only right I wore my Pancreatic Cancer research fund top from when I ran the British 10K for them two years ago.

My route was heading out to my local country park Ingrebourne Way and I was aiming to do around 10K.

The route took me along part of the Spitfire Scramble course which brought back good memories from August this year when I took part in this 24hour race event.

As always it is an interesting and scenic place that I enjoy running through.

So that's day one of a potential 29 completed, 8.5km covered of at least a potential 150km if I run at least a minimum of 5km a day.

Thanks for reading and can follow my runstreak progress on twitter, bloglovin, pinterest or google+.